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If you are interested in solar panels for your business and the benefits it could provide you, simply call 0800 599 9359  to speak with one of our experts or fill out the form below to request a call back on our  contact us page and someone will be in touch shortly.

  • We need your postcode and house number, your annual consumption and your unit rate (pence per killowatt hour)

  • The proposal will contain the cost of the system, the components included and performance estimates showing the savings you could make.

  • The proposal can be amended to suit your needs if, for example you wished to add Battery Storage or reduce the number of panels we could make the alterations and re-issue it.

Site Survey

If the proposal is agreed to we will vist the site to conduct a survey to gather all the relevant information we need to carry out the installation.

  • Required measurements for panel mounting equipment, assess the condition of the roof and any shading factors.
  • Discuss the location of equipment that will accompany the panels, Inverter and Battery Storage and determine suitable acces for installers.
  • Discuss any questions you may have about the equipment and installation.


We will manage all aspects of the installation from scaffolding to getting you on-line with your system monitoring App.

  • We are MCS Certified and NICEIC Approved Contractors ensuring a competent and safe installation. We are also a menber of RECC (The Renewable Energy Consumer Code).
  • Zero VAT payable on Domestic Installations
  • All products supplied carry industry standard warranties and guarantees.

On Grid PV Systems

In recent years the number of solar powered homes connected to the local electricity grid has increased dramatically. These Grid Connected PV Systems have solar panels that provide some or even most of their power needs during the day time, while still being connected to the local electrical grid network during the night time.

Solar powered PV systems can sometimes produce more electricity than is actually needed or consumed, especially during the long hot summer months. This extra or surplus electricity is either stored in batteries or as in most grid connected PV systems, fed directly back into the electrical grid network.


A piece of equipment in every solar system that safely converts DC power (direct current) to AC power (alternating current).

A solar inverter converts the DC output from your solar panels into a frequency that can be fed into a power grid. AC power is the standard used by all the commercial appliances in your home. You could say that inverters are the bridge between your solar system and your dishwasher.

Depending on the solar company or the system requirements, a different type of solar inverter might be used. A Hybrid Inverter has a higher upfront cost, but is essential for storing the electricity generated in a battery and provides longer-term savings. They also supply deeper and more accurate monitoring capabilities.

Battery Storage

Domestic battery storage is a rapidly evolving technology that is typically used alongside solar PV. It allows surplus electricity generated by solar panels to be stored for later use rather than exported to the National Grid.

If you have solar PV you can generate plenty of electricity when the sun is shining. But you’ll make none at all at night. This generation pattern often doesn’t match up with when households want to use electricity - it’s at night when you want the lights on and to use appliances.

This is where battery storage comes in. If you can store the electricity generated during the day, there is less need to consume electricity at night.

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